About Us

We care about people and animals.

Hello! I am a 65 year old father of 3 girls and have had the opportunity of using CBD oils for muscle and joint pain. When I realized the positive effects it had on me in just a little over 3 weeks, I shared my story with my friends and family who in turn wanted to know more about these incredible oils.  Needless to say, I did my research to see how I could get into this business and chose a reputable company out of Michigan to get me started as a distributor of these holistic products.

There are two important factors when considering who you should buy your CBD products from; one is where are my products coming from and the other is am I getting all the important information I need to determine which product would work best.  Rejuvie Hemp a U.S.A. (Arlington Hts. Illinois) based business only uses  lab-tested hemp processors and will help you decide which CBD oil would be ideal for you or your pet.  By the utilization of our Health Cure Chart, we’ve done all the hard work for you! Some of our brands like Tasty Brand and Made by Hemp are manufactured right here in Michigan, USA. These brands have been around for over 5 years and have delivered to their end users with consistent product research and quality with an array flavors and strengths . Whether you are a millennial or a baby boomer, CBD oil products have been in the news about its positive impact on all different types of ailments. While we are confident that most of our products will be beneficial to you, we cannot guarantee outcomes as everyone’s response to CBD oil is different. At this time, the FDA has not conducted research on CBD oil however individual companies or organizations, such as the UFC, have announced partnerships with CBD oil producers for beneficial effects on their fighters.